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Dr. RAJENDRA PRASAD (1950-1962)

The first president of Independent India, Indian statesman and devout Gandhian, was born in 1884. He also handled the Ministry for food (1947). Awarded Bharat Ratna in 1962. Died in 1963.

Dr. S. RADAKRISHNAN (1962-1967)

Indian Scholar, Philosopher, Writer and statesman, was born in 1888. Served as the First Vice President (1952-62) and later the President. He taught at Oxford University for 16years.He was Chairman of UNESCO. 'The Hindu view of Life' and 'The India Philosophy' are his books. He was Awarded with 'Bharat Ratna' in 1954. He Died in 1975.

Dr. ZAKIR HUSSAIN (1967-1969)

A great patriot, educationalist and social worker. Born in 1897, served as chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University. Received Bharat Ratna in 1963.  Died in 1969.


Born in 1905, he was the judge of high court and served as Chief Commissioner of Scouts and Guides. Died in 1992.

V.V.GIRI (1969-1974)

He was born in 1884.  Lawyer by profession,  Veteran trade unionist.  Received Bharat Ratna in 1975. Died in 1980.


He was born in 1905. He was active in the freedom movement.  Served as Union Minister from 1966 and later the President.  Died in 1977.

B.D. JATTI (FEBRUARY - JULY, 1977 'acting')

He was born in 1913 and was a Lawyer by profession. He became Chief Minister of Karnataka and Governor of Orissa.

Born in 1913. Served as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Union Minister and Speaker of Lok Sabha. Freedom Fighter. President of Indian National Congress. Died in 1996.

GIANI ZAIL SINGH (1982-1987)

Giani Zail Singh was born in 1916.  The Giani's innings in public life have been long and varied - freedom fighter, social reformer, champion of the down-trodden, State Congress Leader, successful Chief Minister and Union Home Minister. He was elected to the highest office of the President of India on July 15, 1982. Died in 1994.

R.VENKETARAMAN (1987-1992)

Shri Venkataraman was born in 1910. He was elected Vice-President of India in August, 1984. Having been elected to the Office of the President of India, Shri Venkataraman was sworn in on July 25, 1987. He is the Eighth President of the Republic of India.


He was born in 1918.  Scholar, freedom fighter, was Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Congress President, Union Cabinet minister, Governor and Vice-President. Died in 1999.

K.R.NARAYAN (FROM JULY 25, 1997- JULY 24, 2002)

Shri Kocheril Raman Narayanan was born on October 27, 1920 in the village of Uzhavoor in Kottayam district, Kerala.  He was elected as vice-president of India and served in this position from August 21, 1992. After that he assumed office as President of India on July 25, 1997.


Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabhudin Adbul Kalam, the present president of India was born on 15th October, 1931 at Dhanushkodi in Rameshwaram district, Tamil Nadu. This genius rightfully termed as the father of India's missile technology formerly served as the scientific advisor to the government of India. He was sworn in as president on July 25, 2002.

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